Holiday Gift Guide 2021

What do you want for Christmas? Have you made your list? What do you buy the person who has everything? So many questions! Why can the most magical time of the year cause the most stress, insecurities, and panic? We’ve got the perfect guide for you to make your holiday gift giving a breeze in 2021.  

From gifts for him to gifts for the “foodie” and “workout queen,” I’ve broke it down into the top 10 gifts for four main categories! I’ve also added a small bonus section of Morgan’s Christmas List… Mom? Husband? Are you reading this…? 

A common rule of thumb when shopping for the holidays is the three gifts of Christmas or the four-gift rule. Because Christmas is a holiday surrounding Christianity, that’s where the three gifts concept comes from – gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold symbolizes value, frankincense symbolizes spirit and myrrh symbolizes something for the body. We’re getting too deep here but stick with me. 

The four-gift rule expands on this concept – something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.

Let’s add a fifth – something that surprises them! Have I lost you yet? Let’s get to the good stuff. Keeping this in mind, don’t ever feel like you must buy someone 25 gifts to make them feel special. The thing about gift giving is to make it special. Put some thought into it and you’re going to give the best gift every time. 

Here’s my best piece of advice. When shopping – it doesn’t matter the amount you’re going to spend – think about the person you’re buying for. Buy the gift that they WANT but won’t buy for themselves. Maybe that’s splurging on the $50 fancy Yeti water bottle because you know they’ll use it, but won’t spend the money… but maybe it’s the $10 frother because you know it’s life changing. 

A gift guide for the foodie:

A Cookbook – find out some of their favorite things and buy a cookbook that suits them. Are they a macro-follower? Check out some of my favorites: EmYogiFit, LaurenFitFoodie, LillieEatsAndTells, KatieCrokus, CleanSimpleEats, even our cookbook Keep It Sweet

Some cooking and baking necessities:

Mini Food Processor, Ninja Foodi, Food Scale, Food Prep Containers – Ello, Geometry Tea Towels, Personalized Cutting Board, Kettle, Personalized Recipe Board, Seasoning Kit

gift guide for foodie

A gift guide for the fitness queen:

bands, the best inexpensive workout clothes, water bottles, and more..

Loop Bands, Fanny Pack, Casual Watch Band or Sport Watch Band, Ankle Weights or Adjustable Value Ankle Weights, Yeti Water Bottle – 36 oz, Foam Roller, Massage Gun, Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones, Running Gloves, Crz Yoga Leggings 

gift guide for a fitness lover

A gift guide for him

Shoes – Hey Dudes, Grizzly Cooler, Range Finder, Wooden Watch, Leather Dopp Kit, Binoculars, Under Armour Base Layers, Carhartt Vest, Tool Kit

holiday gift guide for him

A gift guide for all

Ember Mug, Local Candles, Music Cozy Sleep MaskTile Mate Tracker, Cordless Vacuum, Campfire Pit, Frother,Packing Cubes, Portable Charger, An Experience – tickets to a show or plan a day with gift cards to local restaurants shops and more! 

holiday gift guide for anyone 


*The things that may be too expensive, not make sense for a specific person or is something you want to add to your own list. Okay, okay.. this is my personal gift list. 

 So what’s trending now? What’s on your list? Here’s my final piece of advice – shop small when you can and take five minutes to think about the person you’re buying for. Your five minutes of thought will show through, whether the gift is $5 or $500. Happy shopping, I hope this holiday gift guide helps!! 


Coach Morgan

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