Chocolate Chip Collagen Pancakes

A healthy breakfast recipe packed with protein and chocolate chips! Who does not love some chocolate chip pancakes. Check out my pancake recipe here! I …

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Chocolate Swirl Banana Muffins

Healthy banana muffins with a delicious chocolate swirl. A low sugar, and low calorie treat that tastes too good to believe!  Banana muffins are one …

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Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Something sweet to cure your cravings in the morning without all the sugar! Low-sugar, chewy, chocolate peanut butter granola bars with less than 1 gram …

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Chewy Granola Bites

Chewy, sweet, and extra tasty granola bites! These bites are higher in protein than your average granola and the perfect yogurt topper! If you are …

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Brown Sugar Apple Bake

I wanted to make something fun for breakfast this week. I can’t even tell you for sure where this idea stemmed from I just know …

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The Perfect Zucchini Bread

The recipe I will never get tired of making and eating because… It’s super easy It’s friggin DELISH Take it from me and toast up …

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