High Protein Greek Yogurt Bowl

In my opinion, it is not hard to make greek yogurt taste good. When I started trying to get more protein into my diet, greek yogurt was my favorite way to get more protein in for many reasons! 

easy high protein breakfast

This high-protein greek yogurt bowl requires 3 ingredients, but don’t let the easy recipe fool you, it has great flavor, and you are going to find yourself coming back to it every week!

Some people say they cannot get past the taste of greek yogurt and that they prefer regular yogurt, if that sounds like you this recipe will be perfect with any style of yogurt. I prefer greek-style yogurt because of the thick texture, and sweet taste, it is a great source of protein and typically has less sugar than regular yogurt. I usually opt for non-fat making it even lower in calories and the perfect ingredient for any recipe.

Ingredient list:

High Protein Greek Yogurt Instructions:

  1. Add your yogurt into a large bowl, top with sliced strawberries, and granola
  2. Enjoy

how to make greek yogurt taste good

Some may argue this is not really even a recipe and I am okay with that, I just need to share all of my ideas on how to make greek yogurt taste good and convince everyone it is the best thing ever.

This granola is my favorite granola ever, and it can make anything taste good, but if this does not sound like enough for you and you are still fearful of trying greek yogurt let’s chat about different ways to make greek yogurt taste better.

How to make greek yogurt taste good:

Add a little honey: Drizzling a little honey on top of your yogurt parfait adds the right amount of sweetness to reduce the tangy flavor a lot of people tend to dislike. 

Add a dash of pure maple syrup: What doesn’t taste better with a little maple syrup? You can drizzle the maple syrup on top of the yogurt, or mix it right in.

Top your bowl with some peanut butter: My favorite peanut butter is American Dream Nut Butter, you can click here to receive my discount. The peanut butter is so creamy, and drizzly, it would pair perfectly over a bowl of vanilla yogurt.

Add a teaspoon of chocolate syrup: If you want a sweet chocolate dessert add a bit of chocolate syrup to your greek yogurt, stir it, and freeze it! Then you will have the perfect, chocolate, high-protein frozen yogurt.

Mix in fruit jam: Swirl in some raspberry jam to lessen the sour taste of the yogurt with natural sugars! 

Top with chocolate chips: You can even make your own high-protein cookie dough by stirring in mini chocolate chips. Yummy.

Top with fresh fruit: I personally love strawberries, but sliced bananas, blueberries, and raspberries are also delicious!

high protein yogurt bowl

Can you use greek yogurt in a savory recipe?

Yes, there are so many uses for plain greek yogurt. I like to bake with it because it serves as a fat source in baked goods but adds more protein and fewer calories. It is also a great substitute for sour cream. I will top my baked potato, tacos, pierogies, and enchiladas with plain greek yogurt and it is delicious. Because plain greek yogurt has a sour taste it pairs perfectly with savory recipes.

The health benefits of yogurt?

Yogurt contains probiotics which are immune boosting, and beneficial for a healthy digestive tract. Yogurt is also high in protein and great to include in your meals as part of a balanced diet.

Why does greek yogurt have a sour taste?

The bacteria in yogurt become fermented and released lactic acid which creates a sour taste. This does not mean the yogurt is bad (unless it is expired). If you cannot get over the sour tang of plain greek yogurt I recommend trying a flavored cup like vanilla or strawberry.

easy high protein breakfast idea

My favorite store-bought yogurt?

My favorite flavored greek-style yogurts are Light&Fit yogurt, and Chobani zero sugar. They do contain artificial sweeteners but I promise that you do not get any after-taste, they are my go-to and so delicious!

When I am shopping for plain greek yogurt I always get the Fage Non-Fat greek yogurt. They usually have it at my Costco so I will buy it in bulk, but you can find it at all grocery stores.

Have you seen my snack plates? The reason I ask is that they usually always feature vanilla greek yogurt. The reason I do this is that I truly do love the flavor of vanilla greek yogurt, but because it is high in protein and satiates me more than say just one cookie would. To explain more, I usually pair greek yogurt with my dessert. Since your typical dessert is high in sugar and highly palatable it is quite easy to overeat, but pairing it with some high protein content keeps me full for longer. It is sort of like a mini dessert charcuterie.

Some examples of my snack plates:

  • Vanilla greek yogurt, a chocolate chip cookie, and popcorn
  • Key lime greek yogurt, graham crackers, and dark chocolate 
  • Coconut greek yogurt, raspberries, snickerdoodle cookie
  • Vanilla greek yogurt, 1 protein brownie, Like Air puff corn
  • Strawberry greek yogurt, Babybel cheese, milk chocolate truffle
  • Blueberries greek yogurt, salted almonds, banana, and peanut butter

Just to note, I do not combine these all in a bowl, I spread it all out on a plate!

Are there live cultures in yogurt? 

The live cultures that are typically in greek yogurt are the active bacteria S. thermophilus (St) and L. bulgaricus (Lb). It is a weird concept to understand but these cultures ferment to milk which is what gives this yogurt the tangy taste. Additionally, the milk and culture combo is strained to remove the whey part of the milk. This explains why greek yogurt can be consumed without the digestive issues that some experience when having whey protein.

how to make greek yogurt taste good

Are there healthy bacteria in greek yogurt?

Greek yogurt contains probiotics which are live strains of “good bacteria”. These can be beneficial in boosting your gut health, and immune system.

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What is the nutritional value of this greek high-protein greek yogurt bowl?

You can search High Protein Greek Yogurt Bowl in MyFitnessPal for easy logging. One serving of this recipe is 269 calories, 35 grams of carbs, 7 grams of fat, and 19 grams of protein! A perfect low fat, high protein breakfast!

So do I have you convinced on how to make greek yogurt taste better? Let me know and tag me on social media @haleynicolefit.

Yield: 1

High Protein Greek Yogurt Bowl

This high-protein greek yogurt bowl requires 3 ingredients, but don’t let the easy recipe fool you, it has great flavor, and you are going to find yourself coming back to it every week!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 4-5 fresh strawberries, sliced
  • 2 cups of Light&Fit Greek Vanilla Yogurt
  • ¼ cup Granola Factory Honey Pecan Granola (use my code haleynicolefit for 20% off your order)


  1. Add your yogurt into a large bowl, top with sliced strawberries, and granola
  2. Enjoy

Nutrition Information



Serving Size

1 bowl

Amount Per Serving Calories 269Total Fat 7gCarbohydrates 35gProtein 19g

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