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Brown Sugar Apple Bake

Brown sugar, apple and oats, OH MY!! A yummy and healthy fall recipe recipe. You will love this brown sugar apple bake. I wanted to …

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Peanut Butter Cake

A healthy peanut butter cake, topped with more peanut butter?! Am I in heaven? Practically anything that has the word “peanut butter” in it falls …

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Lightened Up Zucchini Parmesan

A delicious, lighter version of zucchini parmesan. Don’t worry this recipe still offers the cheesy, sauciness of your favorite Italian dish! Summer has come to …

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Spinach Sage Breakfast Patties

Homemade spinach sage breakfast patties without all of the additives, but all of the flavor. This savory recipe is high in protein, made with minimal …

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Tikka Masala Turkey Meatballs

Tikka Masala with turkey meatballs. A dish high in protein, spice and taste. A classic Indian dish with a little spin. Fill your home with …

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Wonton Bowl

This wonton bowl is filled with protein, super delicious, and only takes 20 minutes to make! A quick, easy, meal you’re going to want to …

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