A new year and the NEWEST you! This challenge is not your typical “New Year” challenge. We know what it’s like to set your intentions for the new year, be devoted to making changes, but then finding yourself defeated and like a you’re failing just a few weeks in.

This challenge is all about finding your newest SELF– whether that is physically or emotionally– we want to help you make a path to success this year.

2022 is going to be the year that you finally prioritize yourself, focus on self-care, work towards your fitness goals and find love within.

2022 is the year to:

Prioritize yourself

Feel accomplished and organized

Love yourself – physically and emotionally

Let’s do it together!

What You Get

  • Custom macros tailored to you and your goals
  • Daily support from TWO coaches
  • Custom guide filled with meal planners, to-do lists, habit trackers and more to set you up for success in the new year
  • 4-week workout program designed specifically to facilitate fat loss, increase strength and aid in body recomposition
  • Access to an app with customized workout programs including videos for every exercise, the ability to track ALL weights/reps, an easy upload for progress photos and recording body stats, and your individuals habit and nutrition goals
  • Daily motivation, educational topics, support & all the love you need from other women and your two coaches in an exclusive Facebook group
  • Weekly Q&A’s with both of your coaches


  • 1st Place: 1 free month of coaching ($350 value)
  • 2nd Place: $50 gift card
  • 3rd Place: $25 gift card

Who is The Challenge For

  • Ladies who are looking to organize their lives, feel accomplished and find the road to success this year. This challenge will help ladies to finally begin feeling the self-love they are searching for!

Who is The Challenge Not For

  • Ladies who aren’t ready to commit to changing their mindset and confidence for the better through a sustainable life long learning course 

What You will Gain / Learn

  • The knowledge of tracking macros and setting yourself up for success each week
  • Tips and tricks to make this journey sustainable and as easy as possible for you
  • How to focus on progressive overload when training
  • How to prep and plan for the week and each day so you can feel accomplished even on super busy days

Newest YOU New Years Challenge

$ 80
  • Custom macros tailored to you and your specific goals
  • Access to an app with 4-weeks of customized workout programming
  • Custom notebook filled with meal planners, to do lists, habit trackers and more. Perfect to get on track for the new year
Email MUST be correct in order to receive macros for challenge
Price: $40.00